Welcome to The Simplified Small Business Series!

An educational program designed for small business owners, by small business owners.

The Simplified Small Business Series is an online program that teaches small business owners how to properly prepare, participate and profit from the most popular shopping season of the year.


Through a series of professionally designed modules and guided trainings, you’ll learn specific, systematic, budget-friendly methods for how to capitalize on high-profit end-of-year opportunities like, Small Business Saturday, that will help you expand your business and gain added momentum as you move into as you move into the New Year.


With this program, you’ll be able to consistently create unique sales techniques and organically market them with ease so that you’re doing so much more than using a hashtag when high-buying time rolls around.


This is small business marketing made simple [because it doesn’t have to be complicated].

The #ShopSmall movement becomes more vibrant and prominent every year and the impact continues to spread like wildfire nationally and, more importantly, right here on a local scale. There are 871,376 small businesses in operation across North Carolina, which make up 99.6% of all the businesses in our state ALONE. Nationally, the numbers are even more astounding!

Six in ten (61%) U.S. consumers are aware of Small Business Saturday going into the day, and of those, 82% plan to shop at a small, independently-owned retailer or dine at a small, independently-owned restaurant on the day, according to the Small Business Association.

The numbers don't lie. Small business is a big industry. Consumers are shopping small now more than ever.

The 2017 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey found...


As much as 80% of all consumers surveyed say at least some of their holiday shopping will be done at small, independently-owned retailers or restaurants.


Three-quarters (75%) of all consumers surveyed are planning on going to one or more small businesses as part of their holiday shopping.


90% of all consumers surveyed agree it is important for them to support small, independently-owned restaurants and bars.


Of consumers who are aware of Small Business Saturday, 89% agree that the day encourages them to Shop Small all year long, not just during the holiday season.

So, why did we create this program for you?

Growing your business is as tough as it is rewarding and, to put it simply, we want to make it easier for small businesses to make lasting impacts in their local communities and beyond so they can start celebrating more wins, more often!

Liz Fleming is an award winning personal branding and digital marketing strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to be conscious creators so they can uplevel their brands with ease and see business bloom. She does so through The 4-E Formula™, a proven four-step system she designed that shows them how to get their businesses seen online using entirely free techniques, which she teaches in her online course Brand in Bloom™. You can learn more at elisabethfleming.com or follow her on Instagram @mslizfleming.

Stephanie Budd is the graphic designer and strategic brain behind Pine & Pixels, a digital branding studio for small businesses. She believes that any business can be successful when equipped with a clear message and a relevant design strategy. She is passionate about helping small businesses share their story through visuals. Check out pineandpixels.com for branding and website tips or follow along over on Instagram @pineandpixels.

Our mission is to educate and elevate the success of the small businesses who are serious about maximizing their knowledge in order to maximize their growth, no matter their skill level or how long their doors have been open.

This program is for you if:

  • You’re a new OR experienced small business owner who wants a bit more direction when it comes to organically promoting your business.
  • You’re looking for the most essential techniques as it pertains to the current sales and marketing landscape, not the most advanced or basic.
  • You’re willing to shy away from tradition and experiment with more modern marketing methods to expand your business’s exposure.
  • Your business is more than a hobby, it’s your livelihood and you want to see it thrive long term.

What’s included in this program?

Four written lessons that teach the essentials as it pertains to topics like social media marketing, online and offline sales, email marketing, and branding.
A downloadable workbook to help you track your progress and take action as you make your way through each module.
Immediate and lifetime access to the program so you can work through the material at your own pace and reference it anytime!

Plus, these bonuses!

A members badge for you to share on your website and social media platforms as you wish.

13 Guided Video Tutorials

How to Hashtag: Understanding hashtags & how to find the best ones for your business
The Non-Designer's Guide to File Formats
Create Social Media Graphics: A beginner’s guide to creating consistent designs with Canva
How to Create Engaged Facebook Event Pages
Email Marketing: What it is & why your business needs it
Use Trello to Organize Brand Assets
Social Media Management: The time-saving & cost-effective way to be a social media success
DIY Design Tips
Content Creation: The anatomy of a high-performing social media post
Customer Avatar Worksheet
Free Stock Photo Sources
Prevent Pixelated Printing: How to know when your images are print-quality
Maximize Exposure with a Google My Business Listing

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

My time and resources are limited. How do I save time and make more money this time of year?

I know I should be doing more with my marketing and social media efforts, but it overwhelms me and I just can’t keep up. What are the steps I actually need to take to be more successful without dropping the ball with my day to day business tasks?

My budget is not the biggest. How can I successfully market my business with limited funds/without spending more than I have?

I want to grow year round, not just during the holidays. How do I keep my sales momentum moving beyond Small Business Saturday and the end of the year?

Don’t worry! We’ll answer all these questions and more inside the course!

This is your year to shine and it all starts here!