Lesson 1

How to Clearly Define Your Mission, Customer and Communications to Plan like a Pro

Lesson 2

How to Attract an Audience, Excite Customers & Maximize Sales Using the Web

Lesson 3

How to Generate Offline Exposure and Make the Most of Local Opportunities

Lesson 4

Profiting in the Year Ahead:
How to Stay on Track and Position Your Business for Continued Success

Guided Video Tutorials

  1. How to Hashtag: Understanding hashtags & how to find the best ones for your business
  2. The Non-Designer's Guide to File Formats
  3. Create Social Media Graphics: A beginner’s guide to creating consistent designs with Canva
  4. How to Create Engaged Facebook Event Pages
  5. Email Marketing: What it is & why your business needs it
  6. Use Trello to Organize Brand Assets
  7. Social Media Management: The time-saving & cost-effective way to be a social media success
  8. DIY Design Tips
  9. Content Creation: The anatomy of a high-performing social media post
  10. Customer Avatar Worksheet
  11. Free Stock Photo Sources
  12. Prevent Pixelated Printing: How to know when your images are print-quality
  13. Maximize Exposure with a Google My Business Listing